~ of sth ခံစားမှု။

  • a feeling of hunger/well-being/discomfort/gratitude/frustration/joy.

sing ~ of sth / that... စိတ်ထင့်ခြင်း။

  • a feeling of danger.

sing သဘော။ သဘောထား။ အယူအဆ။

  • The feeling of the meeting ie The opinion of the majority was against the proposal.

စိတ်။ နှလုံးသား။ ခံစားမှု။

  • The speaker appealed more to the feelings of her audience than to their reason.

~ for sb/sth ~ sing ရသမြောက် ခံစားတတ်မှု။

  • a painter with a feeling for space

စာနာစိတ်။ ကရုဏာ။

  • You have no feeling for the sufferings of others.


  • She spoke with feeling about the plight of the homeless.

ခံစားမှု။ စိတ်။

  • strong feelings.

အာရုံခံစားနိုင်မှု။ သိမှုအာရုံ။

  • I've lost all feeling in my legs.

~ feelings plural