~ usually in singular ထိခြင်း။

  • That pile of books looks as though it will collapse at the slightest touch.

အတွေ့အထိအာရုံ။ ဖောဋ္ဌဗ္ဗာရုံ။

  • Blind people rely a lot on their sense of touch.

sing အတွေ့။ အတွေ့ အထိ။

အနုစိတ် မွမ်းမံမှု။

  • She's putting the finishing touches on her latest novel.

sing a ~ of sth စိုးစဉ်း။ အနည်းငယ်။ နည်းနည်း။

  • 'Do you take sugar?' 'Just a touch.'

sing လက်ကျလက်န။ လက်ရာ။ လုပ်ပုံကိုင်ပုံ။

  • a computer graphics programme that gives your work the professional touch.

sing လက် ပျက်သည်၊ မှန်သည် စသည်

  • I can't do the crossword today— I must be losing my touch.

~ in football, rugby စည်းအပြင် ဘက်။

  • kick the ball into touch.

~ touches plural



  • These seats are so high that my feet don't touch the ground.

ထိသည်။ တို့သည်။

  • He touched her gently on the cheek.


  • He says I twisted his arm/but I never even touched him!

~ usually in with negative sentence တို့သည်။

  • You've hardly touched your meal.

ထိခိုက် သည်။ ခိုက်သည်။

  • a sad story that touched us all deeply.

~ type formal, dated ထိခိုက်သည်။ ထိတွေ့သည်။

  • a region that has never been touched by industry.

~ usually in with negative sentence မီသည်။

  • No one can touch him ie He is the best as a designer/in design.


  • The speedometer was touching 120 mph.

~ touches 3rd person; ~ touched past tense; ~ touching present participle


~ touchy စိတ်တိုသော။ အထိမခံသော။ မီးလောင်တတ်သော။