အမှား။ မှားခြင်း။

  • He doesn't know the difference between right and wrong.

formal မမှန်ကန်မှု။ မလျော်ကန်မှု။ မတရားမှု။

  • He is determined to right the wrongs done to his family.

~ wrongs plural


formal ~ esp passive မတရားသဖြင့် ခံရသည်။

  • please forgive me these things and the people I have wronged.

~ wrongs 3rd person; ~ wronged past tense; ~ wronging present participle


မှားသော။ မမှန်သော။

  • He did the sum but got the wrong answer/got the answer wrong.

~ about sth/sb, to do sth အထင်အမြင် အယူအဆ မှားသော၊ လွဲသော

  • You were wrong about him
  • he's not an American after all.

လွဲချော်သော။ မှားသော။

  • I realized that I had said the wrong thing when I saw her reaction.

~ with sb/sth ချွတ်ယွင်းနေ သော။ တစ်ခုခုဖြစ်နေသော။ ဖောက် နေ သော

  • There's something wrong with my left eye — I can't see properly.

ပြဿနာ ရှိသော၊ ဖြစ်သော

  • There's nothing wrong with our tax system
  • why change it?

~ of/for sb, to do sth မမှန်ကန်သော။ မလျော်ကန်သော

  • It is quite wrong for politicians to accept gifts from business people.

~ wronger comparative; ~ wrongest superlative


~ used after verb အမှားမှားအယွင်းယွင်း။ တလွဲတချော်။

  • You've spelt my name wrong.