sing ကာလ အတိုင်းအတာ

  • For a long while we had no news of him.

~ whiles plural


    esp brit whilst စဉ်တွင်။ စဉ်အတွင်း။

    • While I was in Madrid there was a carnival.

    နေစဉ်။ ခိုက်။

    • The first team lost 6-0/while the juniors were also beaten.

    ဆန့်ကျင်အနှိုင်းစကား။ ပေမဲ့။ မူကား။

    • English is understood all over the world while Turkish is spoken by only a few people outside Turkey itself.

    fml သော်လည်း။ လင့်ကစား။

    • While I admit that there are problems/I don't agree that they cannot be solved.


    ~ whiles 3rd person; ~ whiled past tense; ~ whiling present participle


      ~ 4 words related to while as noun.

      1. piece
      2. spell
      3. patch
      4. time