• Several couples were on the dance floor.

~ of sth နှစ် ခု၊ ယောက် စသည်

  • I saw a couple of men get out.

အနည်းငယ်။ တစ်...နှစ်...လောက်။

  • She jogs a couple of miles every morning.

~ couples plural; forms of couple


    ~ sb/sth with sb/sth ပူးတွဲနေသည်။ ဆက်စပ်နေ သည်။

    • The name of Mozart is forever coupled with the city of Salzburg.

    ~ A on to B; A and B together တွဲချည် သည်။ ချိတ်တွဲသည်။ ချိတ်ဆက်သည်။

    • two computers coupled together.

    rhet or euph သံဝါသပြုသည်။

      ~ couples 3rd person; ~ coupled past tense; ~ coupling present participle; derived forms of couple