bring in



  • His freelance work brings him in £8 000 a year.

ခေါ်ယူသည်။ ရဲစခန်းသို့ခေါ် သည်။ ဖမ်းသည်။

  • Experts were brought in to advise the government.

ပါဝင် ပတ်သက်ခွင့်ပြုသည်။

  • Local residents were angry at not being brought in on i.e. not being asked for their opinion about the new housing proposal.

ဥပဒေအသစ် ပြဋ္ဌာန်းသည်။ ခူးဆွတ်သည်။ ရိတ်သိမ်းသည်။ စီရင်ချက်ချသည်။

  • bring in a bill to improve road safety.


~ brings in 3rd person; ~ brought in past tense; ~ bringing in present participle